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The National Registry was developed to improve highway safety and driver health by requiring that medical examiners be trained and certified to determine effectively whether a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) driver's health meets FMCSA standards. This supports FMCSA's goal to improve safety and reduce fatalities on our Nation's highways. Testing and training organizations play a vital role in achieving this goal by educating medical examiners about FMCSA medical standards for CMV drivers, and enhancing their understanding of the mental and physical demands of operating a CMV to help determine if a driver can safely handle these demands.
To be eligible to provide medical examiner training, organizations must:
  • Be accredited by a nationally recognized medical profession accrediting organization to provide continuing education units
  • Meet the current core curriculum specifications established by FMCSA for medical examiner training
  • Provide training participants with proof of participation
  • Provide FMCSA point of contact information to training participants
How to be listed as a National Registry Training Organization
Testing organizations that wish to be listed on the National Registry must:
1Meet federally defined criteria
2Submit documented policies and procedures to FMCSA
Apply to be a test delivery organization for the National Registry
3Agree to initial security site visit and future FMCSA reviews
How to apply to become a National Registry Test Delivery Organization
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